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Dim Sum at New Moon Northbridge

Dim Sum at New Moon Northbridge

The former oriental inn has now transformed into a new dim sum place called the “NEW MOON” in northbridge. I have good memories of  the tasty delicious s melt in your mouth  Confused smilepring rolls when it was the oriental inn, but now i   can enjoy evena wider variety of tasty chinese cuisine thanks to the new transformed place “new moon”.

The other day i strolled in with my better half  just before we were  to attend  a classical dance in karrinup. We were trying to make up our mind between JUS BURGERS round the corner  or The New Moon due to limited time constraints and decided to  go new moon restaurant.

Dimsum Yumcha at Newmoon Northbridge

New Moon- Northbridge

63 James St
Northbridge, WA 6003 P – 08 9328 8720

63 James St northbridge new moon restaurant yum cha and dimsum

Formerly “oriental inn” now “New Moon restaurant”

We were pleasantly surprised not only with the delicious and fresh food but the service was also so prompt and quick , that was the quickest that i had such a fine meal in a short time and we definitely set a record that day for  that and managed to reach on time for the classical dance

The steamed chilli mussels are a must! Awesome food with unbeatable value. I really love the fried squid which is the best ever! Also egg tarts, shanghai juicy pork dumplings and ginger duck are delicious

pork and prawn dumpling

Best Asian Restaurant Northbridge

I ate a lot but what stood out for me, was the pork buns, the dim sums were awesome, the fried prawn were extra fresh and crispy and i had two servings. If you got a group coming with  you this place will be even more fun and easy on your pocket.

We definitely rated our $30 dinner as the best asian dinner we ever had  with a wide variety of food  at a  budget price. go for it you wont regret it.

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JJ is an avid technology buff and blog writer. JJ contributes to several technology blogs where he writes Tech , Gadgets food and Australia.More food reviews [ zafferanos ,Kailis Bros]

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