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Coventry markets open in Morley

Coventry markets open in Morley

The long awaited Coventry markets has now opened in Morley,  perth , it does not look exactly like in the  promo pictures , but makes up with its sheer size  and variety of shop. I visited  it on the opening day  and the parking was chok a block . yet inside  it was quite spacious  even with all the crowds it didn’t look crowded , good design. I noticed a lot of fish and butcher shops..yayyyyy and also a lot of Indian grocery and spice shops  , so there is definitely  something for everyone , though many  of these shops are still busy doing their finishing touches , so maybe some time before they truly open.

coventry square markets morley  review

Promo Pic  of Coventry markets in Morley, perth

Its got a good share of restaurants and novelty shops  and by the looks of it there will be more finishing touches put into the markets  making it look much better as  it gets done. Morley surely has scored a nice shopping venue  and surely all the neighbourhoods will also benefit. I do wish  they did more with their promotion of the market  with free bies on the opening day or discounts announced for opening day ,,but was dissapointed they was none. Here are  a few pics

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Shop – Five Seasons Fresh Veges

coventry square markets  morley

Shop –  The missing ingredient

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